Digital Blue Foam

Source: Digital Blue Foam

World’s data

Automatically import the world’s city data: Global Information System (GIS), climate, regulations, costing, and social check-ins. DBF queries multiple APIs for project specific data to drive the design process. No more searching for site information.


Generative Design

DBF uses artificial intelligence to process project data to generate hundreds of high-quality massing options in seconds. Presented in a visual matrix for easy comparison and selection.


Fun and Easy-to-Use

Applying advances from the video game industry, DBF’s interface is designed for everyone. From a few easy-to-use tools and settings, anyone can create designs in a fast and fun process.


Stream to BIM

Once a design is selected online, DBF can instantly stream design data to Architectural BIM software as a native model with the press of a button. This allows architects to start with a data-rich model instead of an empty file.